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It's that time of year.

Posted by Chris Page on Dec 23, 2016 10:29:42 AM

2016 has just about come to an end. Whether you’re preparing to head off for a big holiday, out shopping for all those gifts or preparing those big festive feasts, there’s one thing that continuously on everyone’s mind year after year – the sheer cost of this time of year.

Australians spend more money in the month of December than any other month of the year and being at the centre of the financial year, we almost never consider planning for such expenses when we’re doing our taxes.

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Be a Savvy Property Investor!

Posted by NBtax by Napier & Blakeley on Nov 25, 2016 2:28:35 PM

Buying property for investment purposes can be a lucrative endeavour for those who understand some of the tips and tactics utilised by the most experienced investors in this field. Most of those who are active in the property investment sector are knowledgeable about the significant tax deductions that are available. However, out of all the tax deductions that investors are entitled to, property tax depreciation is often the most often overlooked for one simple reason: it is a non-cash deduction. This means that an investor need not spend any money in order to claim this deduction. It should be noted, however, that merely because an investor neglects to claim property tax depreciation does not mean that the depreciation has not occurred. It is imperative that every investor in residential, commercial, and indeed any type of investment property claim all of the property tax depreciation deductions that they qualify for. Read on for a breakdown of the two different types of property tax depreciation deductions.

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Being adequately insured is vital!

Posted by NBtax by Napier & Blakeley on Nov 18, 2016 12:09:35 PM

Over the past year, much of Australia has been battered by severe storms, fires and other scary events. We’ve seen the pictures, with roofs being ripped off and some properties completely destroyed, it’s a scary time for property owners.

It’s a fact that all property owners want and need insurance cover to protect their investment. And as a property owner or investor, fearing for your own home as well as your investment properties during these events is likely the source of sleepless nights.

However, all too often property owners incorrectly insure their property, whether it be under insured or over insured.

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Maximise Depreciation, Enhance Your Investing Capital!

Posted by NBtax by Napier & Blakeley on Nov 4, 2016 2:17:57 PM

If you are in the property investment industry, your primary goal is to maximise the return on your investment. Part of that equation is ensuring that you are taking advantage of the maximum allowable depreciation amount on your investment properties. The majority of investment properties, regardless of their age, size, or classification (commercial, residential, or industrial) are allowed to be depreciated a certain amount each year. The key to leveraging this allowable depreciation is to maximize the amount that you are taking on an annual basis. This is where our NBtax solution comes into play. 

Read on, and find out how you can become a smarter property investor by maximising the depreciation claimable on your investment properties.

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Be sure to get what you paid for with an NBtax Condition Assessment

Posted by Chris Page on Oct 20, 2016 4:46:42 PM

Have you bought an-off-the plan property?
Having that property assessed post construction is an important part of the settlement process. You want to ensure that the property you agreed to purchase is the same that is being delivered so that you’re getting what you’re paying for!

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Be Confident in Your Property Tax Depreciation Schedule

Posted by Chris Page on Oct 13, 2016 10:48:04 AM

Be Serious. 

If you are a serious property investor, you understand the importance of your property tax depreciation schedules. This is especially true given the current interest rates in the finance the markets will not provide the higher tax deductions as they have in the past. The majority of investment property that is income-producing is eligible to have property depreciation claimed as a deduction against it for tax purposes, no matter the size or type of property (commercial, residential, or industrial, etc.). You can review some basic facts and principles with regards to property tax depreciation schedules here – and you'll discover we know property tax depreciation!

The Basics

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Property Tax Depreciation the NBtax way!

Posted by Chris Page on Oct 7, 2016 2:55:38 PM

Property tax depreciation - the hidden property investor's treasure.

There's a way to unlock cash and grow your property portfolio faster, and now it's quick and easy.

Introducing Napier & Blakeley's NBtax, a convenient mobile solution to manage your property tax depreciation which helps you maximise your return, with absolute minimum hassle. And with the current interest rates as they are, it's a property investor's secret weapon to keeping those tax bills down.


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